International Conference on Science Technology and Modern Society (ICSTMS) 2017 held on 28-29 November 2017 at Universitas Samudra in Kota Langsa Aceh Indonesia. The ICSTMS 2017 is an international conference dedicated to the development of theories and practices in Education Engineering and Science Law Accounting Management Social and Political Sciences.  This conference is inspired by improving the quality of Education Engineering and Science Law Management Social and Political Sciences. The aims of the conference are: (1) provide an opportunity for academicians and professionals from various Educational fields Engineering and Science Law Management Social and Political Sciences with cross-disciplinary interests to bridge the knowledge gap and promote research esteem. (2) To bring together the scientists practicioners students and civil society organization representatives in scientific meeting. (3) To share and discuss theoretical and practical knowledge about innovation in Education Engineering and Science Law Management Social and Political Sciences.

Published: 2018-01-11

Minimal Budget Allocation and Restricted Deficit Regulation: Local Governments’ Compliance Assessment

Dewi Rosa Indah, Syukriy Abdullah, Heru Fahlevi, Rahmi Meutia, Afrah Junita


Structuring Disaster Threat Area in Tanjung Putus Hamlet at Langsa City

Ellida Novita Lydia, Meilandy Purwandito, Eka Mutia


The Impact of Language Use on Coffee Packaging Towards Consumer Behavior

Fadlia Fadlia, Bukhari Bukhari, Irma Dewi Isda


The Implementation Of Active Learning Pedagogical Practices In Senior High Schools

Fadlia Fadlia, Merina Devira, Chairuddin Chairuddin


Factors Contributing Acehnese Youth Shift Their Vernacular Language

Maria Ulfa, Irma Dewi Isda, Purwati Purwati


Teacher's Ability for Solving Mathematical Problems

Rini Sulastri, M Ikhsan, Rahmah Johar, Hifzi Meutia


Introduction Of Geographic Information System (GIS) For SMA/SMK/MA Students In Langsa, Aceh

Teuku Hasan Basri, Teuku Muhammad Faisal, Adi Bejo Suwardi


Understanding Acehnese Literature In Framing Of Nusantara Literature

Baihaqi Baihaqi, Imran Imran, Muhammad Yakob


Tensile Loading on Composite Polymeric Foam Reinforced by Empty Fruit Bunch Waste (EFB)

Zainal Arif, Taufan Arif Adlie, Fazri Amir, Sulaiman Thalib, Nurdin Ali, Nazaruddin Nazaruddin, Mustafa Mustafa


Identification Of Biodiversity In Siosar Pineforest Karo District, North Sumatra

Andini Saputri, Zidni Ilman Navia, Kartika Aprilia Putri, Beni Alfajar


Design and Fabrication Forced Convection Fish Smoking Kiln

Fazri Amir, Taufan Arif Adlie, Zainal Arif, Agus Mukhtar, Liza Fitria


Antioxidant Activity of Three Types of Medicinal Plants From Aceh

Mastura Mastura, Hasby Hasby, Suhartono Suhartono