The Acceptance Model for Adoption of Hospital's Information and Communication Technology in RSUD. dr. M. Soewandhi Surabaya

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Ryan Pramanda
Aditya Sudiarno
Dewiyana Dewiyana


Information and Communication Technology Hospital (ICT hospital) is an accurate presentation of information, as support the process of management and decision-making functions in providing health services in the hospital. aim of this study was to determine the role of the medical hospital in the use of technology with TAM (technology acceptence model). Determine the adoption of ICT by the medical hospitals such as the Nurse, the laboratories, pharmacists and others who use ICT hospital named Sistem Informasi Soewandhi in RSUD. dr. M. Soewandhi Surabaya. The data used in this study is the medical as responden in this study is that totaled 135 people. Data processing using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). From the test results it can be concluded that the medical easily using ICT hospitals owned by the RSUD. dr. M. Soewandhi Surabaya in a relatively fast time, because the use of ICT this hospital has been used not until 1 (one) year.

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