The Phenomenon Of Husbands Are Afraid Of Wives By The Method Of Forward Chaining And Maturity Scale Techniques

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Rizalul Akram
Allif Syahputra Bania


The phenomenon of a husband who is afraid of the wife has become a byword in general that spread in the community. The facts about this issue have even been filmed so much that this problem becomes very acute. This research will use qualitative descriptive method by spreading open questionnaires to get answers to anticipation of problem of husband fear wife. Husband is the head of the family will greatly disrupt the integrity of the comfort of family life and society if the husband is afraid of the wife. The measurement process is carried out using forward chaining method and maturity scale technique. The combined motode and technique provide the best results for this measurement process. The research data is taken at the department of informatics engineering, Universitas Samudra 2017.

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