Concentration And the Prevalence Of Application Effect Of Fungi Beauveria Bassiana On The Growth Of Soy Pest (Glycine Max, (L) Merr)

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Cut Mulyani
Hamidul Nizar


This research aims to examine the effect of giving Bauveria Bassiana (K) extract to the pest of soy plant Glycine max, (L) Merr, which include Spodoptera lidura, Bemisia tabacci, and Nezara viridulla. The research was conducted in Gampong Jawa Village, Langsa Kota Sub-dsitrict, Kota Langsa. It was carried out from March until September 2016 at the elevation of 3,4 m above sea level and soil pH was 6. Factorial Randomized Blocked Design was used for the research experiment, testing the hypothesis that concentration, application regime and combination of both factors affect the growth of the pests. Four levels of Bauveria Bassiana (K) concentrations and four levels of application frequency were used during the experiment. The parameter observed were pest population, pest mortality, outbreak prevalence and the percentage of bean deffect. The research shows that all the three source of variations (concentration, frequency and combination of both concentration and frequency) significantly affect the growth of Glycine max (L) Merr pest. Research also suggested that the optimal concentration to be applied to Glycine Max, (L) Merr is 32,5 ml/l  water and the concentrate must be given once in every week.

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