Design and Fabrication Forced Convection Fish Smoking Kiln

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Fazri Amir
Taufan Arif Adlie
Zainal Arif
Agus Mukhtar
Liza Fitria


A combination of smoke, salt, and drying is one of the earliest recorded methods of food preservation. These procedures, loosely known as "Smoking" or "Smoke Preservation," are successful because they kill food spoilage bacteria or render them harmless by altering the chemistry of the food these spoilage organisms need to grow. Traditional methods of smoked food preservation typically produced high salt and low moisture content products that are not desirable to most modern consumers. In this research, we have designed a unit of fish smoke of forced convection type. Convection air flowed using a fan is expected to keep the temperature and heat evenly distributed in the evaporating chamber. This is to maintain the quality of fish is characterized by the level of maturity evenly. The fish-smoking apparatus has dimensions of 154 cm long, 60 cm wide, 110 cm high, equipped with an air fan of 20 cm x 20 cm. Test results on tuna samples weighing 20 kg, fish smokers can reduce the water content in fish 58% within 2 hours.

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