Study Of Principal Leadership Style And Teacher Performance On High School Competitiveness In Langsa, Aceh

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Sofiyan Sofiyan
Adi Bejo Suwardi
Rizki Amalia


Abstract- The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of principal leadership style and teacher performance on high school competitiveness in Langsa. The study was conducted at 8 (eight) high schools in Langsa, namely SMAN 1 Langsa, SMAN 2 Langsa, SMAN 3 Langsa, SMAN 4 Langsa, SMAN 5 Langsa, SMAS Jaya Langsa, SMAS Muhammadiyah Langsa, and SMAS Unggul Cut Nyak Dien Langsa. The population of this study were all principals and high school teachers consisting of 8 principals and 326 teachers. Data analysis was done by using questionnaires and documentation. The result of the research shows that there is the influence of headmaster leadership style to teacher performance and there is a correlation between principal's leadership style and teacher's performance with high school competitiveness in Langsa.

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