The Influence Of The Use Of Mind Map On Students` Analytical Ability (Experimental Study on Demography, Geography Education Program, Universitas Samudra in Langsa City Academic Year 2016/2017)

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Zukya Rona Islami
Ramdan Afrian
Nurlina Nurlina


Abstract- All articles must contain an abstract. The abstract text should be formatted using 10 The Mind Map was developed by Tony Buzan in 1970 as a tool for student needs in notes, remembering and understanding the subject matter. Use of Mind Maps on researching the actual workings of the brain. The use of Mind Maps allows students to balance left and right brain usage by using keywords, colors, images, and symbols when the manufacturing process takes place. This study aims to determine the effect of using Mind Maps to the power of geography analysis of Samudra University students. The research was conducted at Samudra University academic year 2016/2017,  in Demography courses. The subjects of the study were students who took the subjects of Demography Unit 1 as the experimental class and unit 2 as the control class. The selected research subjects is determined based on the mean score. This research is a research experiment of quasi (quasi-experi ment) with Nonequivalent Control Group Design research design. The power measurement analysis instrument is performed using a test essay. The measurement results were analyzed using t-test with the help of SPSS 16.0 for Windows program. The results show the learning power in the experimental class by using a mind map higher than the control class that does not use the mind map.

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