Understanding Acehnese Literature In Framing Of Nusantara Literature

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Baihaqi Baihaqi
Imran Imran
Muhammad Yakob


Abstract- As one of the provinces in Indonesia, Aceh had been significant contribution for developing of literature in Nusantara. As the entry gate of Islamic in Nusantara, Aceh has had  an importance position for developing of its literature. Acehnese literature influenced the development of Islamic and related with society custom. Many of literary works written by Acehnese author were also affected toward the development of literature in Nusantara. The characteristic of Acehnese literature almost the same with classical literature as follow as anonymous, delivery orally and hereditary. Most of the literary works produced namely the poem perahu  written by Hamzah Fansuri by using Sufism approach, Bustanul as Salatin by Nuruddin ar-Raniry, The tale of Prang Sabi by Tengku Chik Pante Kulu expressed about the patriotism of Acehnese in defending their homeland from colonialism, The tale of  Pocut Muhammad, The tale of Putroe Bungsu and others. The whole of this literary works presenting by oral caused the characteristic of Acehnese are preferable to talk rather than to write. The research aimed to see the development of Acehnese literature in the framing of Nusantara literature. The method used library studies through understanding some references refer to the development of Acehnese literature. The result of the research shown that the development of Acehnese literature starts from classical till now had been contributed toward the development of literature in Nusantara. It can be stated from many literary works produced by Acehnese authors had been given a  significant position to Nusantara literature.  The research concluded that the development of acehnese literature had contributed the development of literature in Nusantara.

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