The Student’s Character In Technical Implementation Unit Of The Language To Staff’s Surveillance At Samudra University 2017

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Allif Syahputra Bania
Nuraini Nuraini


Abstract- Technical implementation unit of the language (UPT Bahasa) is not just a place to study about language or TOEFL, but it should also be able to educate and nurture the student’s character, in addition to providing knowledge to them. In interaction, staff and students must be active and goodness. Each staff must comprehend themselves about the best characteristics which will they show to the students in UPT Bahasa. Student’s character is the priority to staff’s attention because the good students in a good character will build the nation’s character. The aims of this article are (1) To find out the student’s character in UPT Bahasa Staff’s surveillance and (2) To know what characteristic is needed to be good character student. This study used descriptive qualitative method to explore a variety of data.

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