The Implementation Of Active Learning Pedagogical Practices In Senior High Schools

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Fadlia Fadlia
Merina Devira
Chairuddin Chairuddin


Abstract- This paper has the purpose to investigate how the active learning pedagogical practices were implemented in senior high schools. This investigation focused on analyzing the teachers’ understanding in applying a shifting of the teacher-centered learning to the student-centered learning. A qualitative method was used in this study which employed three instruments: non-participant observations, interviews, and conversational group discussions. The study was conducted in two different senior high schools, including SMA 1 Langsa and SMA Langsa, Aceh. Four (4) classes of students in grade XI and four (4) teachers from two different schools were selected as the participants of study. The findings show that the teachers in SMA 1 has understood the functions of active learning pedagogy eventhough its implementation was still not executed holistically. Meanwhile, in case of the teachers in SMA 5, there were many missing points of active learning pedagogy which was not applied by the teachers, mostly regarding a lack of teachers’ actions to build students’ understanding, although the teachers were aware of the importance of active learning pedagogy for English subject.

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