The Soft Skill Profile Study In Dealing With The Work Competition (Case Study On University Of Samudera Students)

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Muhammad Rizqi Zati
Dhian Rosalina
Dyah Ayu Ardiyanti


Abstract- Students need mastery of soft skill to be competent in the work competition, soft skill mastery attach to hard skill. The purpose of this research is: 1) to know the readiness of student professionalism in facing the work challenge from soft skill review, 2) to know the students’ opinion about the method of soft skill ability improvement in campus.

This research is descriptive qualitative research to identify students’ soft skill ability and also to know the strength and the weakness of students’ soft skill in Samudra University. The numbers of the research’s respondents were one hundred students by using purposive sampling, which the respondents were students of year III and IV and as active student status.

The results of this study indicate that (a) the communication aspect is categorized as less, (b) the group skill aspects is categorized in good category, (c) the entrepreneurship aspect is categorized in good category, (d) the leadership aspect is categorized in medium category, (e) both the ethics aspects and the organizational skill aspect are in medium category. In general, students have an opinion that there is a need to increase activities that support the development of their own soft skill.

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