Evaluation of Road Complementary Building due to widening of Lilawangsa Road in Langsa City

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Eka Mutia
Ellida Novita Lydia
Sumarni Sumarni


Langsa City is one of the cities in Aceh province which is doing development in all fields, especially in economy and infrastructure. Road construction and upgrading has been a priority in Langsa City, one of which is Lilawangsa road. The function of Lilawangsa road is as collector road. This road crosses two villages, Paya Bujok Tunong village and Geudubang Jawa village, Langsa Baro subdistrict, Langsa city. Road improvement is done by widening the road, causing the road shoulder no longer exists. However, this is not included with planning for support facilities, such as pavements and green belt. This is a problem especially for pedestrians, because there is no such safe and comfortable facility. The purpose of this research is to evaluate Lilawangsa road Langsa City improvement based on requirement of road section as well as arrangement of pedestrian facility and green belt. Evaluate the eligibility of road function by using road safety audit. The research method was qualitative descriptive method, based on Road Safety Audit. The result is the arrangement of the Lilawangsa road segment is still not meet the standards for the road function as a collector road. There are still parts of the road that are not yet available and have not met the standards. Traffic lines on the Lilawangsa road dominate the Lilawangsa road, making the pedestrian pathway and facilities neglected.

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