The Impact of Language Use on Coffee Packaging Towards Consumer Behavior

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Fadlia Fadlia
Bukhari Bukhari
Irma Dewi Isda


The language choice and language used on the packaging of a product is a social interaction between the producer and the target consumer. This paper will examine on how is the impact of the use of Acehnese, English and Bahasa Indonesia on the consumer choice and attitude. Those three different languages are used in the Coffee packaging brand names, the brand names are Uleeekareng (Acehnese),  KopiGayo (Bahasa Indonesia) and King Coffee (English). Speech Accommodation Theory (SAT) is used as the basis for this paper as it indicates that a group prefers its own language and will respond positively. Data was collected from people in two villages, KeudePeureulak and LabuhanKeude in Aceh Timur. Semi- Structured interview and observation are used as the instruments of the research. The finding indicates that the respondents preferred Acehnese over English and Bahasa Indonesia. The reasons are covering the issue of habitual behavior, easy to understand, the familiarity to brand names and the love to local product.

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