A Phenomenological study: Students Experience Toward Lecturer’s Teaching Method in English Department, Teachers Training and Educational Faculty, Universitas Samudra

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Irma Dewi Isda
Maria Ulfa
Purwati Purwati


Abstract—The aims of this study are to describe the students act toward teaching method that used by lecturers and to know the students understand of teaching method used by lectures. This research method used qualitative with the phenomenological descriptive approach. The data of this research is obtained from in-depth interview where the sample is twenty students which taken by purposive sampling. The categories are students with high, middle and low Index Commulative Achivement with choosing them based on their activities and stir. This research recites students experience toward the method that used by lectures while teaching learning process. The instrument of collecting data is an interview. The techniques of analysis data are transcribing,  coding, grouping and analysis data. The result showed there was the different act from each group in this teaching learning process.

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