Learning Media Of Mathematical Operations In Early Childhood Based Augmented Reality

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Ahmad Ihsan
Munawir Munawir
Fazri Fazri


Abstract— Along the development of technology, the limitations of print-based learning media can be minimized, one of them by utilizing augmented reality (AR) technology. This technology combines the virtual world and the real world in real time in aids with technology devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. AR-based learning media not only can display objects in two dimensions, but also in three dimensions. Utilization of augmented reality technology has been widely developed for education as a learning tool. By using augmented reality, a student can learn visually and interactively. Learning will be more effective with the form of virtual teaching materials simulated. In this research, developed augmented reality technology for introduction of numbers, symbol introductions and simple mathematical operations that are presented virtually. This research is intended to be a learning tool that is useful to streamline the learning process of mathematics subjects for children of early age. The results of research, students' ability in recognizing the numbers 0-9 of 32 students who tested reached 62.5%. Students 'ability in recognizing mathematical symbols reaches 68.75%, students' ability in mathematical arithmetic operation: sum of 56,25%, reduction of 65,625%.

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