Customer Satisfaction in Islamic Banking: Empirical Study in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

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Ratna Mutia
Khairul Aswadi
Martahadi Martahadi


Abstract—The purpose of this study is to find out how the level of customer satisfaction of Islamic banking in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. As for the population of this study were as many as 343 respondents. Samples were taken 30 percent of the total population so that the sample in this study amounted to 100 respondents. The data was collected by distributing questionnaires containing the statement on the quality of sharia banking services, namely Bank Aceh Syariah. This study uses Likert Scale as a guide to interpretation for assessment of respondent interpretation. Based on the result of research indicate that 80,12 percent of respondents very satisfied with the reliability of Islamic banking and 80.6 percent of respondents stated very satisfied on the responsiveness in Islamic banking.

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