Structuring Disaster Threat Area in Tanjung Putus Hamlet at Langsa City

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Ellida Novita Lydia
Meilandy Purwandito
Eka Mutia


Abstract— Disasters are events or series of events that threaten and disturb the lives of people caused by both natural and/or non-natural factors, resulting in human death, environmental damage, property loss, and psychological impact. Flooding is a natural disaster whose occurrence can be caused by several factors, such as high rainfall, geomorphology and human activity. The Tanjung Putus Hamlet area is located in Gampong Jawa Village, Langsa City. This area located along the Krueng Langsa river with a fairly densely populated settlement. This area is also a water catchment area. The area is vulnerable to catastrophic floods and landslides. Spatial arrangement of infrastructure, housing, and environment is not well-organized in the area. Research was done by field observation. This study aims to design the environment of disaster-prone areas into a cozy area of disaster. This Design will be done in the form of arrangement of regional infrastructure, land function, evacuation lane and early warning system. The arrangement is expected to improve the quality of life of the population in terms of comfort and security. The final result of this research is the formation of a river-friendly area, making the river a front side and environmentally friendly.

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